What’s in a name?

White Hart Lane Station to be renamed

By Kate Oglesby, Local Democracy Reporter

White Hart Lane Station          Credit: Stephen Furner

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that White Hart Lane Station is in line to be renamed.

This follows discussions between members of the London Assembly budget monitoring sub-committee and TfL bosses.

A set of “emergency” questions were scheduled during the meeting, after The Guardian reported that White Hart Lane railway station could be renamed Tottenham Hotspur, and that a deal was close to being agreed.

The station is part of the London Overground network and is the nearest to Tottenham’s new stadium.

Patrick Doig, the divisional finance director at TfL said: “We are pursuing a long-term brand partnership with Tottenham which would include the renaming of the station.

“Those discussions are ongoing and have not concluded but that is something we’re seeking to work with and will be able to announce more details shortly.”

It is estimated the renaming of the station could cost the club £14.7 million, although Doig said this was not confirmed and that TfL was working to “reduce the costs.” He also assured Assembly Members that the money paid out to TfL as part of the deal would be more than just the value of the naming rights of the station.

Doig said there is currently an “independent” evaluation being undertaken to determine the value of the deal, adding: “We’re confident with the deal we’re going to secure.

“We’re looking to make a long-term partnership and we think that can help generate revenue streams in TfL and we’re looking to have a broader and positive impact in the local community.”

Doig expects the negotiations to be concluded “shortly”.