Tuning in

Italian radio station offers journalism training to local youth

By Rosita Pirulli

London ONE Radio in Tottenham Hale is starting a new project giving youth that are interested in journalism, the opportunity to explore the world of broadcasting.

Founded in 2014, London One Radio is the only official Italian radio station in the UK that supports emerging artists world- wide, promotes VIP concerts and spreads news that concerns Italian people settled across the UK.

Earlier this year, London One Radio became a supplier to the BBC, submitting Italian cultural content that is mostly focused on music, art and tourism.

The radio station started its broadcasting and journalism courses at the Engine Room, Hale Village, last summer, by involving young people in understanding the indus- try through workshops and real journalistic experiences that included writing articles, radio scripts and conducting interviews.

The new project, however, has even more content and students get the chance to produce videos and direct their own radio shows.

The LondonONERadio student’s group  Credit: Rosita Pirulli

London ONE Radio reaches audiences across Europe and the USA by attracting the youth; this needs to be supported now more than ever before.

The radio station is open to all communities that live in London, but particularly those from Tottenham Hale, as the station’s CEO, Philip Baglini, believes these local communities should be sustained.

Mr Baglini has always aimed to connect the Italian and English communities through an official radio station. This is something that had been missing since the age of Guglielmo Marconi with the famous ‘Radio Londra’.

Being part of London One Radio and taking the steps to become a real journalist,means informing listeners, spreading creativity and developing the community that surrounds us.