Tottenham Hale: Awash with great organisers

Cllr Ruth Gordon focuses on what’s happening in Tottenham Hale ward

Cllr Ruth Gordon
Credit: Mick Moore

Almost anything that can be said about the times we’re living through will seem like understatement. The tragedy of thousands of deaths from Coronavirus is devastating to contemplate, as is the fear of so many people who are deeply worried about their health and their families’ well-being.

In Tottenham Hale deprivation and inequality will see the effects of the pandemic hit even harder with the economic outlook looking severe.

I’m working alongside council staff to see that residents are getting access to the services they need; taking up individual case work and volunteering to support those who may be isolating or vulnerable.

Volunteering with the NHS COVID-19 Hot Hub, delivering monitoring equipment to patients, has allowed me to see close-up, what a fantastic service our NHS is providing in such difficult circumstances.

Likewise, it has been inspirational to meet residents (at least virtually) who have come together in Mutual Aid Groups, using social media to coordinate tasks such as shopping, collecting prescriptions, walking dogs for owners trapped indoors, or simply making a friendly phone call.

Tottenham Hale has always been awash with great community organisers: The Friends of Hartington Park, members of Ferry Lane Action Group and the residents’ associations such as Chesnuts or Devon Close testify to that.

Our own Living Under One Sun (LUOS), usually operating from the Down Lane Park café, has been invaluable in creating a welcoming space for community-led projects. From gardening or bee keeping, to sewing classes or English lessons, LUOS has provided vital support for the community. In a forced shut-down voluntary-sector organisations such as LUOS will suffer and they need the solidarity of the community now.

I like to see my role as a critical friend to the council but I think credit is due to officers who have performed a mammoth organisational feat in the pandemic outbreak. The council has ensured that care homes and home care providers have adequate PPE and that care staff have access to testing, the homelessness unit has been successful in providing emergency accommodation for rough sleepers, and resources for helplines have been bolstered.

Of course, the council won’t get everything right and that’s when residents can contact me, and I’ll do my best to help.

Meanwhile, stay safe and keep well.

Cllr Ruth Gordon, Tottenham Hale Ward
Twitter @HaleTottenham

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