Tottenham charity wins IT prize

A Tottenham based charity has won the Best Diversity and Inclusion Impact Award at the E&T Innovation Awards 2020.

Oldalone UK was awarded for its work using IT innovation as a tool to introduce people over the age of 50, from disadvantaged backgrounds to the digital world.

The National Lottery funded IT project, Click and Connect 4 All was launched last year to increase access to formal IT skills and offer ESOL provision.

The sessions take place at retirement housing complex, Sophia House in Tottenham Hale and also at Lambeth College.

The Tottenham cohort are learners mainly from the Latin American community who have benefitted from the fortnightly sessions that are delivered in English embedded with Spanish.

The E&T Innovation Awards celebrate the best new innovations across science, engineering and technology, recognising those who are creating ‘innovative and creative solutions.’

Nuno Vinhas, Coordinator, Oldalone UK, said: “To be a finalist amongst the best and the richest companies in the world was a very big prestige for us, for Haringey and the community itself.

“I was really excited when I came to know about winning, and I could not contain the excitement. It always feels so great when you share news like this with your friends.

“The three finalists were BT, Emerson and us! This has been a morale boosting uplift.”

Oldalone UK highlight the importance of adapting teaching methods to meet the needs of older and mature students from minority groups, in order for these learners to ‘compete for opportunities increasingly reliant on digital technology’, and as a way of promoting equal opportunities, integration and social inclusion.

Nike Folayan, Chair, Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers, said: “There is a clear and positive link between diversity and innovation. Multiple studies have shown that diversity enhances creativity and provides better products and services that reflects the communities they serve.”

Oldalone UK is now aiming to expand Click and Connect 4 All to the rest of the community in Tottenham.

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