Tottenham bikers saving lives in the coronavirus pandemic

Haringey’s motorcyclists ride to the rescue

Motorcycle volunteer Anton Shelupanov
ready to deliver oximeter test kits

Haringey’s motorcyclist
volunteers have been delivering PPE, food,
medicines and urgent oximeter tests to those in need during the COVID-19 health crisis.

The motorcyclists, including several members of the Red Army Riding Club (RARC), have stepped up as part of the nationwide Motorcycle
Community Volunteer Response initiative, organised by the Bike Shed
and Team Rubicon, the disaster relief charity run by veterans.

The Red Army Riding Club (RARC) is a social club of motorbike enthusiasts with several members based in Haringey who raise money for good causes, by providing hours of volunteer time to various local charitable organisations.

In all, hundreds of motorcyclist volunteers around the UK have been transporting PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from volunteer
makers to NHS staff and care home workers, food and prescriptions to members of the community who cannot obtain these items themselves, as well as delivering lifesaving blood oximeter tests to patients in distress.
Tottenham has been no exception.

RARC member Karen Neill, proprietor of Tottenham’s Zenith Motorcycles and the only woman in Britain who owns and runs a motorcycle garage said: “At Zenith we have always been here for our community in Tottenham and beyond.

“This pandemic is the biggest test Britain and the world has faced in decades. Of course, Haringey’s motorcycling community members were among the first to volunteer.

“We are honoured to be part of the wider Bike Shed and Team Rubicon initiative: here in Tottenhamand beyond saving lives in our own community.”

Karen Neill with her Harley
Davidson after transporting PPE

Haringey-based RARC President, Anton Shelupanov said: “As one of my motorcycle volunteer tasks, I’ve just delivered an oximeter test kit from Royal Free Hospital to a patient in respiratory distress
right here in Haringey.

“The test kit is supplied by a brilliant charity called Covid Crisis Rescue set up by Dr Sharon Raymond. Without us and our
motorbikes there is simply no way to get the tests to the patients at home urgently enough at all hours and in all weather conditions. No other vehicle is suitable, and motorcyclists as the most skilled and responsible road users are the ideal people for the task.

“This is an incredible example of communities coming together to fight a complex and powerful enemy which is this virus.”

Karen added: “A major worry for the motorcycle community response volunteers are the road closures which seem to be springing up around London. A delay in getting an oximeter test to a patient in distress, caused by an unexpected road closure, could cost someone’s life.”

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