Singing makes you feel good!

All together now!

All together now!


An insider’s view of Tottenham CommunitIy choir

By Lynda Jessopp

It is remarkable how for two hours on a Tuesday night, being part of a crowd and using your voice, can lift the spirits. We keep coming back – putting in the graft of learning new songs, perhaps getting the tongue round another language and working out those tricky off-beats – because of the real pleasure and achievement when the piece comes together. The voices blend and we sound good!

Tottenham Community Choir is eight years old and thriving. Why do we love it? Well, the singing of course but more than that – it is the friendliest and easiest community to join. There is always a welcome on the door and someone to introduce you to the mysteries of which part to join, where to sit and where to find some music.

There’s time to chat over tea and the best home-made cakes in the break and once inducted into the excitement of the monthly raffle, you simply have to stay.

Soon there will be a scary first performance at a local community event but we really are all in it together and new friends are around for support – plus secretly we love the purple dress code! What a great feeling as we rise to the occasion and put on a really good show, which is usually in support of a good cause.

There are the jokes too. Nicki is the Musical Director. She makes us laugh and inspires us in all sorts of ways. Good stories are mixed in with useful musical nuggets and there’s sometimes a laugh at our expense, but that is only when she is not patiently pointing out that we have made the same mistake… again. She has high standards but she believes in us and exhorts us always to do better. We try.

I doubt any of us thinks we are a good singer but we are very good together. Few of us read music and many have never sung before, some thought they couldn’t sing or were tone deaf. The Tottenham Community Choir is definitely the place to give it a go and have a fun Tuesday evening.

Diverse, open and welcoming – we are Tottenham by name and by nature. Warm and friendly but with attitude! What’s not to like? Singing makes you feel good! Tottenham Community Choir meets on Tuesday evenings 7.30- 9.30pm at Chestnuts Community Centre, 280 St Ann’s Road, N15 5B. We welcome new members at any time – the rst two meetings free – so just turn up.


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