Remembering a local hero

A new memorial stone is laid in Tottenham to recognise local Victoria Cross awardee 100 years on

By Alastair Ball

Victoria Cross Ceremony, 8 May 2018. Credit: Stephen Furner (Tottenham Photography Club)


A new memorial stone has been placed at the Tottenham War Memorial to mark the centenary of a Haringey resident being awarded the Victoria Cross.

The commemorative paving stone was unveiled on 8th May and marks 100 years since Private Robert Cruickshank was awarded Britain’s highest military medal. The ceremony was attended by Cllr Stephen Mann, Mayor of Haringey, and is part of the nationwide commemorations of the First World War.

Cllr Mann said: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to recognise these Haringey soldiers who fought and died in the war.”

A statement on the Haringey Council website said: “The paving stones are laid during the centenary year of when each soldier carried out their heroic deed. Each stone is inscribed with the name of the soldier, their regiment and rank, and the date they received the award.”

Private Cruickshank (1888 to 1961) lived in Roseberry Gardens after he was discharged from the Army, and he was active in local politics and scouting. He served in Egypt and in 1918 was awarded the Victoria Cross after being wounded whilst attempting to deliver a message.

According to the council website: “He displayed the utmost valour and endurance, and was cheerful and uncomplaining throughout.”

“The Victoria Cross is the highest of accolades and we feel privileged to assist in providing a long-lasting tribute to their memory and the sacrifices they made for their country,” said Cllr Mann.

Private Cruickshank is the third of the four Haringey First World War Victoria Cross recipients to have a memorial dedicated to them as part of a Department for Communities and Local Government campaign. The final one will be dedicated in November for Acting Major Brett Mackay Cloutman, who was the last person to be awarded the Victoria Cross during the war.


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