Police assault on young person caught on video

By Luchia Robinson

A clip of a young Black male being assaulted by police officers has surfaced on social media.

The young male, reported to be 16 years old, is seen held up against against a car, in between two police officers. One of the officers punches the boy in the face, placing him in a headlock, before dragging him to the ground.

The incident took place outside Park View Academy School, in West Green Road on Thursday, 10th December.

A march on Tottenham Police Station is set to take place at 2.00pm, Friday 11th December.

According to Black Lives Matter UK, police will be viewing body cam footage later today.

Haringey councillor, Cllr Khaled Moyeed, Noel Park, tweeted that he was ‘alarmed and shocked’ by the footage, urging Metropolitan Police Haringey to ‘investigate and take swift action.’

The Metropolitan Police are being contacted for comment.

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