Big in heart, but small in funds

Community hub in need of maintenance funding

People’s World Carnival Band Community Hub
Credit: Stephen Furner

By Sally Sturgeon, Coordinator, People’s World Carnival Band

To look at from the outside, it’s just an ordinary building, but when you step through the door you will find a hive of activity in the heart of the community.

It’s an old building, which needs not just decoration but constant maintenance and regular upkeep. We have a huge commitment to keep it safe and warm for everyone who enters our doors.

With ever increasing costs, and without any public funding, we still need to have equipment regularly checked (gas, electricity, fire safety, and insurances). All this is very expensive, but we do not pass on these costs to our users, who are mostly from families struggling to survive.

We are desperate to raise £10,000 in order to maintain the building and keep it safe and comfortable. We have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds for the year’s maintenance costs. Achieving this target will then free us up to concentrate on our main objective of engaging with our community.

The building is a community asset that benefits and caters for huge numbers of people and their needs. We estimate that in excess of 200 people access the building during the week, with these numbers trebling during the summer months.

The building in Tottenham High Road, is home to People’s World Carnival Band, a multi-award winning organisation that has been operating in Haringey since 1983.

We started as a small group of parents and children coming together to make costumes for Notting Hill Carnival and other local community events, but we have evolved organically into a community hub working with a diverse community in Tottenham.

We host many activities, including an after-school family club, pensioners groups, workshop sessions, and surplus food distribution to those in need and also various community kitchens.

We are proud to feed and clothe many local children thanks to our amazing relationships with local and major retailers. We also provide last minute out of hours care packages to victims of domestic violence or for whenever disasters hit. It’s all part of our continued commitment to our community.

We are the ‘go to’ group in our area! The organisation is run wholly by qualified and trained volunteers and we rely upon funding from grants and from individuals who believe in our ethos.

We are big in heart, but small in funds. Please support us if you can.

For more information about the GoFundMe campaign, head to Facebook and search: People’s World Carnival Band

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