Mixing it up

Next month, Downhills Park Café will host the first Tottenham Mixer. Neri Gun tells TCP about it

Neri Gun, host of the Tottenham Mixer              Credit: Emmanuel Baah

The Tottenham Mixer is an event that encourages open conversation about the change currently happening in Tottenham. It will enable conversation regarding local changes, any animosity and progress. Attendees will have to be a mix of new and old Totten- ham (10 years and older will qualify you as old Tottenham.)

The aim of the event is to get together, talk, welcome each other and acknowledge one another as neighbours. This is important because it’s a neutral and honest space. It will allow people to directly address their fears, insecurities and prejudices whilst not feeling judged. I feel the Mixer will make a difference, as all community members whether old or new will have to meet each other in a real way, and not just in passing.

Groups are tending to keep their social circles very closed and small and this doesn’t allow for any form of real growth and bonding opportunity in an already fragile environment. We, as the hosts of the Tottenham Mixer feel it is important to use our connections with the many different branches of our community to become the bridge that makes us an integral part of one another’s lives.

When we speak, we must speak with one voice therefore enabling strong community spirit and the chance of creating real roots in a fabulous and diverse place. To simply say you live in Tottenham is no longer good enough and to simply say, ‘I’ve always lived in Tottenham’ is also no longer good enough.

We must encourage real relationships that have the potential to genuinely create long term friendships and community.

Tottenham, new and old, the question is, how can we grow together?