Merging Haringey and Enfield Police: What Tottenham residents can expect

Superintendent Nusrit Mehtab explains why local policing is changing

Superintendent Nusrit Mehtab (Credit: Metropolitan Police)

It has been fairly well publicised across London this year that from the beginning of 2019, the Metropolitan Police is going to move away from being organised along borough lines with 12 Basic Command Units (BCUs) being created across London.

Haringey Police comes under the North Area BCU and so does Enfield Police- so we will become one unit from the 9th January 2019. I have been heading the dedicated Haringey and Enfield merger team since April 2018 and I want to make sure that Tottenham residents are clear about what the changes mean for them.

Firstly, the number of front line officers will remain the same and the commitment for two neighbourhood officers plus a police community support officer for every electoral ward in Haringey continues. This whole plan is really more of an improvement in how our stretched resources are organised. I sincerely hope that it will actually improve our service to the public in Tottenham and Haringey by increasing the flexibility we have across the two boroughs with officers, cars and custody capacity.

Residents know that police have never been in so much demand- this single Command Unit should make it easier for Haringey officers to give and receive support from our neighbouring Enfield officers at particularly busy times.

I also think that one associated change will be popular with residents, namely that the officer who responds to a call will now, wherever possible, take charge of that investigation from beginning to end. This is very important for victims’

continuity of service and hasn’t always been the case in the old model.

Another initiative is that the North Area BCU will be increasing the number of officers working with Haringey’s schools and youth organisations as a preventative strategy against youth violence, while just one leadership team will oversee and support both boroughs ensuring a more consistent approach to tackling crime.

We will still be organised into 5 strands of work: Response; Neighbourhoods; Safeguarding; Investigation; and a Headquarters team that will support the four other areas. And, of course, Tottenham Police station will remain open 24 hours a day with absolutely no change to its important standing as Haringey’s publicly accessible front counter.