London has highest rates of Covid-19 in England

Haringey advised to take preventative action to halt the spread of Covid-19

By Luchia Robinson

The highest rates of Covid-19 in the UK have been recorded in London.

Professor Kevin Fenton, London regional director for Public Health England, said: “London now has the highest case rates of any region across the country and infections are increasing by the day. This is now a real test of our resilience as a city.

“We know that as cases go up, hospitalisations and deaths follow. The current trajectory is a worrying one, but we can change its course if every one of us does our bit.

“The message is simple – stick to the rules. We know that more contact leads to more cases and around one in three people with the virus are transmitting it without realising.”

Professor Fenton advises everyone to continue frequently washing their hands, wearing a face mask and keeping a respectful distance from others.

He said: “Our actions today will directly affect the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those close to us throughout the holidays, as well as influencing the burdens placed on our NHS over the festive period and New Year. It is up to us what impact we choose to have.”

This health and safety message comes, as the latest NHS data reveals the number of people in hospital beds with Covid-19 in London has increased by more than a third in the past month, from 1,114 on 8th November to 1,849 on 8th December.

The number of people testing positive for Covid-19 in Haringey has risen by 53.9% in the week to 5th December.

Dr Will Maimaris, Haringey Council’s Director of Public Health, said although case rates are still broadly in line with the London average, we all need to act now to slow the spread.

He warns that if the number of cases continues to rise across the city then London  may be pushed into Tier 3: Very High alert, meaning tougher restrictions for residents and businesses.

Reacting to the increase in cases within the borough, Dr Maimaris, said:

“In recent days we have seen a spike in the number of Haringey residents testing positive for Covid-19, with the highest rates in young people and working age adults.

“Fortunately, at the moment we are not seeing a corresponding increase in older, more vulnerable age groups.

“Despite the concerning rise in cases, overall rates in Haringey remain largely in line with the numbers across London.

“But with the easing of the rules around Christmas I would like to remind everyone to be extra careful.

“Even people without the obvious symptoms, a constant cough, a fever, or changes to their smell or taste, can potentially pass the infection on to others, including those who are vulnerable or more at risk.”

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