Issue 4 out now – a letter from our new editor

A word from our new editor, Ellie Ward.

issue-4-coverI am very excited to announce that the latest issue of Tottenham Community Press is out now. Issue 4, my first as editor, puts the spotlight on one of Tottenham’s much loved institutions – the Seven Sisters Indoor Market – and the on-going dispute over plans to ‘develop’ it and Wards Corner where it is located.

The issue also looks at the challenges facing children with complex needs in Tottenham, reflects on a part of Tottenham’s sometimes forgotten history, the Battle of Wood Green, and offers practical advice on issues such as rights for EU citizens and dealing with your landlord.

I wanted to join the team at Tottenham Community Press because I believe that local media outlets play a crucial role in providing communities with a voice. Our newspaper is a channel through which the issues in Tottenham that matter to you are investigated and the projects that inspire you are celebrated. It ensures that those who make decisions on your behalf can be held accountable.

In order to fulfil these roles effectively, we at the Tottenham Community Press need you. If there’s an issue you want investigated, a story you want to write about or an image of Tottenham you want to capture, please get in touch via: We’re looking for writers, photographers, poets and anyone else with a passion for Tottenham. No experience required.

We’ll be holding a public editorial meeting soon. Please stay tuned for more details and come along for a chat.

For now, you can pick up a copy of Issue 4 in a number of Tottenham’s cafes, pubs and other community hubs. If you are not able to get hold of the issue, but would like to, or if you have recommendations for additional locations we should be stocked in, please contact us via:

You can also find an online version of Issue 4 in the Download section of our website. Share it with your social media followers and help spread the word about what’s happening in Tottenham today.