High fives all round

Jim Ottewill meets the team behind Five Miles, Tottenham’s sharpest new club, tap room and creative complex

From Middle Eastern inspired small plattsand G&T’s on tap to one of the best sound systems in the capital, Five Miles is offering something a little different to anyone willing to explore the industrial wilds of zone three.

“Our mission was to open a space that avoids the usual stereotypes of crap drinks, rude staff, closed doors and volume over quality in the club,” explains co-owner of Five Miles Deano Jo.

“And I think we’ve come close to achieving that.”

They certainly have – but it’s perhaps unsurprising coming from a team responsible for success stories such as The Alibi and Pamela’s on Kingsland Road in Dalston.

Named for its distance from London’s centre, this new venture (consisting of a club, bar and creative hub), was set up in cahoots with Ten87 Studios, which was looking to open a second studio complex.

Jo continues: “Mark Shafer (who I run the Alibi with) and I met Rob and Stef from Ten87 Studios through some mutual friends. They were looking for someone to run a bar and cafe. But we convinced them to let us open a nightclub instead. We reached out to Mark [Hislop] and Luke [Smith], experts in beer and sound respectively, and got to work.”

It’s this innovative, entrepreneurial spirit which has attracted the curious, with many travelling from far and wide to indulge in Five Miles’ enviable array of ales and on point DJ bookings. A wall of taps lords it over the full length of the bar displaying almost 20 beers at one time, while draft cocktails are a nicely decadent touch.

But why Tottenham for this new venue?

“I’m a North London boy and Seven Sisters and Wood Green are my old stomping grounds. I love it. The council were warm to our plans and gave us a late licence too, which helped,” Jo says.

With the authorities’ blessing, the club is open until 4am over the weekends. Coupled with some canny bookings, it’s made Seven Sisters a

destination for London’s nocturnal animals. And with the likes of Float- ing Points, promoters Afro-Punk and French lter house hero DJ Falcon all passing through, it’s hard to argue with the quality of the talent they’ve welcomed in.

“We wanted to make sure that we have a varied, inclusive approach to who we ask to promote at Five Miles. And make sure they make good use of the sound system we’ve worked so hard on,” reveals Jo.

If you’ve ever been to the club, then you’ll know just how special the system is. It turns out to have been a real labour of love and dedication. “After months of research we decided we wanted to do something different and focus not only on the speakers but the room design and acoustics to get a complete solution,” says Jo.

“We worked with Evan Green and Fabian Knauber from Kahle Acoustics who provided a cutting edge acoustic design for the space and Wolfgang Sauter from Pro-Performance who created our sound system.”

Alongside the likes of Styx, Beavertown Brewery and the numerous watering holes now popping up, Five Miles offers an enticing reason for anyone willing to look a little o the beaten track for their fix of food, drink, music and vibes. But Jo is slightly wary of the changes that will inevitably wash through N15 as house prices push people further out of London’s centre.

…the good stuff needs to be safe-guarded through its current changes.

“I’ve always loved the area. There has always been a vibe there. But the good stuff needs to be safeguarded through its current changes.”

And what would he recommend to anyone new to Tottenham?

“I have endless suggestions. Zen Records, Styx, Mannions pub, any of the local breweries, Latin Market, Lea Valley Rowing, Bernie Grants Art Centre,” he enthuses.

With so much popping, Five Miles, like Tottenham itself, is on the up and up. Torshi, a Middle Eastern inspired restaurant recently opened in the space, is now welcoming hungry visitors through much of the week so you can get your fix of halloumi fries or fried chicken.

At the same time, the club bookings are also going from strength to strength with snooker player turned techno evangelist Steve Davis and Crux, an electronic jam session, all lined up for future events.

But what else is keeping them busy: “Hale Brewing. Releasing the audio archive of all the club nights at Five Miles. Torshi,” lists Deano.

“That’s enough for now.”



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Five Miles is open 10am–12 am, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then 10am to 4am Thursday
to Saturday.