A New Independent Community Newspaper is Launching in November

Hello, and welcome to the Tottenham Community Press!
We’ve decided to release a new newspaper in Tottenham to give a voice to the local community. We want to hear your views, to hear about your local projects and to report on news stories relevant to the people of Tottenham.
Our aim is to return to a form of local media which addresses and reflects the opinions, concerns and interests of local people. We want to produce news that is relevant to you!
In order for us to do this we need the help of local people so please, if you would like to contribute a local story or get involved please get in contact with the team tottenhamcp@gmail.com
We’re looking for local stories, opinions, news stories, events, campaigns and photographs.
We look forward to hearing from you! And for now, please spread the word!

One comment on “A New Independent Community Newspaper is Launching in November
  1. There has been a real void in Tottenham since the Tottenham and Wood Green Journal went online only, and abandoned the field of local print journalism a few years back. Every town needs a local paper to reflect back what is happening (what’s being done and what’s being said) in the area

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