Haringey’s director of public health urges residents to take Covid-19 test

Haringey residents who suspect they have Covid-19 are being urged not to chance it and take a test.

Dr Will Maimaris, Haringey’s director of public health, said with national restrictions in place, it was a good time to get checked out to help slow the spread of the virus ahead of the festive holidays.

For now, only people who are showing signs of the coronavirus (a fever, a new and constant cough, or a loss of sense of smell or taste) are being advised to book a test.

The government ordered the restrictions after a surge in the number of cases across England, in hopes that by taking short sharp action now, the Christmas break can be saved.

Dr Will Maimaris

Dr Maimaris said: “If we can significantly cut the rate that Covid-19 is spreading then there is a chance the restrictions can be loosened or even lifted entirely.

“One way we can do that is by not taking any chances. If we feel ill, with any of the Covid-19 symptoms, then you should take a test.

“It’s free, it’s painless, it doesn’t take very long, and it’s available for adults and children.

“We have two testing centres in Haringey, one at the Irish Centre in Tottenham, the other at Alexandra Palace and there are lots of slots available.”

He said many people had expressed concern over what was going to happen over the Christmas period.

Dr Maimaris added: “Testing is another tool in our armoury, if someone tests positive they have to self-isolate and so does anyone they’d recently come into contact with.

“It means the virus doesn’t spread, and protects people, our communities and our businesses.

“No one wants this hanging over us, the sooner we can bring the virus under control, the sooner we can get back to doing the things we enjoy.”

Shortly before the national restrictions were introduced on 5th November, London’s Covid-19 alert level had been raised from Medium (Tier 1) to High (Tier 2).

The government decided to skip Very High (Tier 3) when it announced that it was placing the whole country into a new category Tier 4, over concerns that the number of new cases could overwhelm the NHS.

A decision will be taken on what alert level London will be placed in when the national restrictions ends on 2nd December.

Haringey now has two operational testing centres within the borough:

The Irish Centre, Pretoria Rd, Tottenham, N17 8DX

Alexandra Palace, Paddock Car Park, Hornsey Gate, Alexandra Palace Way, N8 7HP

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