From crisis to innovation

Selby Food Hub
Credit: Moussa Amine Sylla

By Haylee Venus

As I walked in, my eyes widened heart beats increased, and in that moment, I stopped for the first time this day and just looked around.

Joy overfilled my living cup and what met my eyes was truly a beautiful sight! 

The act of humanity is an act of peace, love and compassion. And this was evident in the midst of all that was going on outside.

The production line pranced from each side of the rehearsal room, with bundles of enthusiasm and no hesitation. 

The room was full of food in tins, pastas, hygiene essentials and cleaning products that had been donated from people all across the UK.

“Shall I put another one of these in here? These bags are done! Going to set up downstairs now Sally!” Voices muffled in my background.

Astonished, I was ready to get to work, forgetting the morbid reality of COVID-19 and focusing on the food and essentials people would now have because we are here.

The Selby Food Hub is a response initiative to support Haringey residents, coordinated by the Selby Centre’s Community Organisers, led by Moussa Amine Sylla and Sally Sturgeon.

The hub is open on Tuesdays between 2.00pm – 4.00pm and on Thursdays, 5.00pm – 7.30pm at the Selby Centre, Selby Rd, N17 8JL. No voucher needed. No referral required. People with ‘no recourse to public funds’ welcome.

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