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Seven Sisters: Strengthening the community and building pride

Cllrs Basu, Blake and Dogan
Credit Abed Rabbe

By Cllrs Barbara Blake, Dhiren Basu and Erdal Dogan

As councillors for Seven Sisters our focus is firmly on the environment. This can mean anything from tackling fly tipping, working with community groups to keep our parks clean from litter, planting trees and bulbs, or working to bring a neglected community garden back into life.

Our priority is to make it easier for residents to spend time with their neighbours doing everyday things together, strengthening the community and building pride in the borough. This can be working together to introduce traffic calming measures or preserving trees, having a litter pick or organising a play day for kids on the street or in the estate (post coronavirus of-course).

Seven Sisters has three much loved family parks: Markfield Park, Paignton Park and Manchester Gardens, with active residents’ groups who help maintain and protect these valuable assets. We would like more people to come forward and ‘own’ the Tewkesbury Road Open Space and Orchard.

It is worth mentioning the historic Beam Engine and Museum in Markfield Park. This is the sight of a rare sewage treatment works, possibly the oldest in the country, first built around 1851 when cholera and typhoid was endemic in Tottenham and Hackney. The museum houses the original Woods Brothers Beam Engine and still works under steam and on certain days is open to the public.

The Harringay Warehouse District is home to a large and vibrant community of artists and creatives. New River Studios on Eade Road is the best place to sample the warehouses’ creative output. It is a café and bar that also hosts gigs, exhibitions, workshops and a variety of other events. They also have music practice rooms, a podcast studio and an event space with a special rate for community organisations.

Our role is to represent residents and that is what we intend to do. Our surgeries are very busy with housing being at the top of the list of residents’ concerns. We need more of all types and tenures of housing and more government funding for social housing. We also need better regulation of
the private rented sector.

We are always working with residents and the Safer Neighbourhood police team to tackle anti-social behaviour and street drinking. We would like to see more research carried out on how we can better manage our public spaces, be those parks, internal squares on estates, and even alleyways to ensure they are safe and inviting, because good management of our spaces will benefit us all.

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