Clean streets

Bruce Grove community turns litter into art

By Beautiful Bruce Grove

Clean street, clean planet mural Credit: Catherine Suttle

Over the past several months, we; Pablo Flack, Jemima Fleming, Samuel Gerstein, Oliver Knowles and Catherine Suttle, members of Beautiful Bruce Grove (a sub group of the Bruce Grove Residents’ Network) have been working on a collaborative project with Bruce Grove Primary School, which aims to reduce littering and fly-tipping in the area.

The project, funded by £3000 of ward funding from Haringey Council, involved designing and producing street art with an anti-litter theme and providing the children with take-home packs that included a re-usable bag and contents designed to start conversations about the need to reduce litter and fly-tipping.

The street art, made from plastic items found on the streets of Bruce Grove, was produced in a series of art workshops which were planned and facilitated by local artist Wendy Charlton, who designed the artwork.

Many of the plastic items were cleaned and colour-sorted by the children during the workshops, which included age-appropriate information about plastic pollution.

The children positioned the plastics on plywood segments to form an eye. The centre of the eye features the wording ‘Clean Street Clean Planet’ which the group hopes will convey a simple but important message.

Last month, the artwork was installed on a wall in the alleyway between Napier Road and Sperling Road. The Installation was arranged and supported by Veolia and Haringey Council.

“This spot is part of Cycle Super highway 1, but it and other parts of Bruce Grove are frequently littered and used for fly tipping,” said Catherine Suttle.

“Our councillors, council officers, Veolia and of course Bruce Grove Primary School were extremely supportive of the project, and we are grateful to all of them.

We know that art can’t solve the problem, but we hope this project will make litter bugs and fly tippers think about their actions.”