Issue 36

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Hello, welcome to issue 36.

The fight for justice is being fought as Black people in the UK and across the world stand for equality. The killing of American citizen, George Floyd in May brought racial tensions and inequalities to global attention, with resulting reactions to the death, police brutality, and social disparities being displayed on nation and local levels. Cllr Mark Blake makes a statement on the death (p.4), and photographer Ivan Gonzalez captures a local Black Lives Matter protest here in Tottenham (p.8-9).

Community organising has been pivotal, not only in the mobilising of local protests, but also when assessing and finding solutions to the impact of coronavirus. Moussa Amine Sylla and Nick Mahony discuss this, informing us of how organising under lockdown has led to the formation of the Selby Food Hub (p.11), whilst leader of Haringey Council, Cllr Joseph Ejiofor provides next phase COVID-19 plans (front page).

Jack Nation reminds us that this month, we get the chance to look up and away to the skies as the International Space Station passes overhead (p.12).

The Seven Sisters councillors bring us back down to earth with an environmental ward focus (p.12).

The actions of Haringey’s metropolitan police are under investigation after a Taser was used to stun a 62-year-old Tottenham resident (p.5), and place names with links to colonialism will be reviewed to be more reflective of our diverse community (p.6).

If you have been impacted by coronavirus in any way, or if you require any emotional and well-being support, please know that help is available should you need it in these uncertain times (p.3).

Stay safe.

Luchia Robinson, Editor