The strength of the community

In our first councillors’ column, Cllrs Kaushika Amin, John Bevan and Sheila Peacock highlight acts of support in Northumberland Park ward

Cllrs Amin, Bevan and Peacock
Credit: Grace Abdo

We are writing in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Sadly, we are all bearing witness to how this insidious virus is impacting our families and all our communities. What we are facing is daunting, but we are inspired by the strength of the community spirit highlighted all around us in everyday acts of support, love and humanity for each other.

We would like to extend our thanks to all the key workers living and working across Tottenham and Haringey for bravely carrying on working during this difficult time and helping to keep us all safe.

Here in Northumberland Park ward, things are carrying on (almost as usual) using telephone and online communication. Spurs is supporting the crisis relief efforts by providing a large safe and clean space for council staff, volunteers and voluntary sector organisations, packing much needed food and supplies for many of our most vulnerable residents across Tottenham. Over 200 food packages and 600 hot meals are provided daily through these efforts, with the numbers of households supported also
increasing each day.

Our much-loved Bruce Castle Museum is sending out the Daily Local History Post, via email. It’s an archive that highlights different parts of Tottenham’s history and people, demonstrating pivotal moments and community responses to past events that have taken place in the borough. The Museum is creating an archive about this difficult period and they want contributions from local residents, of your stories and experiences.

The Northumberland Park Safer Neighbourhoods team is working hard as usual. Their role in keeping the area safe is vital, and as councillors we are extremely grateful to them. Their focus over the years has been on building positive relationships with young people and all our communities, and we meet the team often to discuss policing issues in the area.

As the Mayor of the Borough, Sheila is sending inspiring videos on keeping safe and strong during this period. Her 350 strong pensioners group is continuing to keep in contact with each other despite Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, where they usually hold their weekly activities (which
include music and dancing, and speakers discussing health and services), being closed.

There are lots of other community organisations working hard during this time. Do let us know if there is something specific you are looking for and we will do our best to help you remotely.

With our warmest wishes during this difficult time.

Cllrs. Kaushika Amin, Sheila Peacock and John Bevan

(Email Cllr Peacock if you would like to
receive videos and information about her
pensioners group)

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