Bootcamp with a difference

Keeping fit whilst forming bonds

Credit: Luchia Robinson

By Luchia Robinson

A new bootcamp offering local women a safe place to train, get fit and bond has started at the Selby Centre.  

Taking place four nights a week, the gym training sessions, run by coach Neves Mabu, combine exercise with discussion. At the end of each session, the women join in the boxing ring to talk about things and share advice, if they chose.  

Department Manager, Ellie joined bootcamp to lose the weight she had gained following stress after a bereavement.  

“It’s encouraging me to be myself again, to love myself again, and to be the better version of myself,” she said about the class.  

Credit: Luchia Robinson

The combination of the sessions being affordable, at an ideal time after work, and a place where the women can exercise without feeling self-conscious, have been the main reasons for the class’ recent growth.

“Everybody in the class has lost weight,” said Coach Neves.  

“We want results and I’m here to give them results.”  

Anita, a Category Manager, said: “I come here because I’m tired of getting slept on (being overlooked). Unfortunately, even with the body positivity movement, the world still chips [away] at bigger women.  

“We get together, we make jokes, we keep each other going – it’s somehow building a sistership.  

“Everybody assumes that to be the perfect type of woman, it comes with a certain appearance. I’ve been fine so far, but when you see opportunities pass you by, not just because of your race, but because of your weight as well, you have to stop waiting in the corridor and start kicking down doors.”