Issue 8

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Welcome to Issue 8 of the Tottenham Community Press. This is quite a milestone for us as it means we have been in print for a whole year, throughout which we have been bringing you news and updates written by and for the people of Tottenham.

As a team, we firmly believe in the value of local, independent community media. Local newspapers play a vital role in letting readers know about local services available in their area, they provide a platform to discuss the issues that matter most and are able to hold local decision-makers to account.
In this issue, we have a report from the Haringey Community Expo, during which important conversations were had about knife crime in Tottenham, as well as advice on where to go for help with Universal Credit applications (page 10) and on how to manage household bills (page 11).

As Editor of the paper, I am lucky enough to meet with inspiring community leaders (page 14) every week and attend some fantastic local events, such as the opening of St Francis in the Engine Room (page 4). We haven’t been able cover everything we’ve attended in this issue unfortunately, so I also wanted to mention the brilliant play ‘On the High Road’ performed by local community group Tottenham Theatre, which I went to see in November. If you get the opportunity to see another performance by this group, I highly recommend you do. The brilliant cast will take you from tears of sadness to howls of laughter in minutes.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope you enjoy the issue. As always, please get in touch via the email below if you have any feedback or suggestions for the next issue. We are always on the lookout for new contributors, so please do also send me an email if you are keen to write for us, send us photos or provide us with your poetry.

Thank you for reading, for pledging, for celebrating with us and for being a part of this independent, local newspaper that aims to provide you with #yournewsyourway!

Ellie Rae Ward, Editor