Issue 11

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At the start of the year, when Claire Kober announced she was stepping down as leader of Haringey Council, it felt as though the borough had reached a tipping point. The message from anti-HDV campaigners had been heard, and even hit the national media. What followed was a degree of uncertainty and discussion in the run up to the local election.  And now here we are, coming to the end of spring, with a new local leader elected and a new cabinet announced. When I interviewed the new leader, Cllr Joseph Ejiofor, his message of change was clear: the new administration will be doing things differently. At the heart of this difference, he explained, was a strategy to bring local residents along with any decisions that will affect them. This will require high levels of consultation and public debate.  Cllr Mark Blake, cabinet member for Communities, Safety and Engagement reflected this pledge from Cllr Ejiofor when speaking about youth services and neighbourhood safety at the Selby Centre. He said: “At the heart of how I want to take things forward – it has got to be a partnership with the community.”  Through the Tottenham Community Press, we want to provide you with a platform through which you can voice your concerns about local issues and help to ensure your opinions are heard in the on-going debate about how Tottenham should evolve and improve over time.  In this issue we look at the development at St. Ann’s, environmental challenges and much more. Join the conversation – no journalistic experience required – just email your article ideas to

Ellie Rae Ward, Editor