Show your mettle

Gathering stories of resilience from Broadwater Farm

Sacha Jarrett Founder, Mettle Credit: Sacha Jarrett

By Sacha Jarrett, Founder of Mettle

I grew up on Broadwater Farm Estate. I am a first-class psychology graduate and completed a post graduate diploma at University College London. I currently work as a mental health practitioner and champion work being done with marginalised groups within my work.

I have created wellness and mental health content on social media under the name ‘Mettle’, on and off for the last few years; but it was the whirlwind that was 2020 that gave me the push I needed to really define the space I had been imagining.

Mettle has been an idea in the making since I was at university. It is an organisation dedicated to young people, who grew up like me and those closest to me. It is for the kids with a free-school-meals pass, the ones who live on blocks where you can’t get a delivery because the Uber Eats man is too scared to leave his bike downstairs. It’s for the ones who are told they can’t but most definitely can.

Mettle’s first project is dedicated to the people of the Broadwater Farm Estate, and I am running it with the help of friends and family who have selflessly lent me their skills and advice along the way.

The aim of the project is to challenge and change the stereotypes associated with estates like Broadwater Farm by capturing stories from people who live, have lived, work, or grew up on the estate. These stories will provide young people with relative representation and I hope this will inspire many possibilities for their futures, highlighting that they too can go on to achieve great things.

The finished project will form a book archiving stories, interviews and photographs celebrating Broadwater Farm, and dedicated to its young people.

I am currently connecting with estate residents, past and present, in search of interesting life experiences, great careers, and breakthrough moments where barriers were overcome. I have already been able to connect with some incredible people living on the estate and cannot wait to hear and share more stories reclaiming the narrative of Broadwater Farm.

I believe the future of Mettle to be very bright, and I have many ideas for further projects that I would like to see happening in the community.

Looking to the future, the aim would be to gift the finished book to local schools, libraries and young people living on the estate. I have begun planning resilience workshops for the community facilitated by some of the residents involved in the making of the book – these plans are a bit of a way off but the endless possibilities are exciting. Being able to inspire and support young people growing up on the Farm or estates like it, is the main priority.

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