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Edible London is crowdfunding to reach their next one million meals’ target

Edible London volunteers ready for action Credit: Edible London

Edible London has launched its One Million Meal Plan crowdfunding campaign to create a sense of urgency around food poverty.

Since the beginning of the first lockdown, Edible London has gone from a small grassroots organisation providing 200 meals worth of ingredients each week, to an award-winning food provider, hitting an incredible one million meals distributed.

This achievement was made possible because of the solidarity and support of over 60 partner organisations in north London and beyond, a core team of eleven leaders, and 345 volunteers who have rescued over 300 tonnes of surplus produce to date.

The One Million Meal Plan encourages everyone to partake in creating the next one million free meals, even quicker this time.

According to statistics from the Mayor of London’s office, two million Londoners struggle to access quality nutrition, while rough sleeping in younger groups has increased by 48% compared to the same time period last year.

The coronavirus pandemic and its devastating impact on the economy and social services is plunging vulnerable groups below the breadline, building on what was already a record level of need that food banks saw last year (use of food banks increased by 180%).

Edible London donates large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables and ambient goods to these food banks, currently providing ingredients for 30,000 meals a week.

Even pre Covid-19, 34% of residents and 40% of children were living below the poverty line in Haringey. In total, over two million Londoners and 14 million people across the UK struggle to access enough food.

To address this rapidly increasing need for food, Edible London needs to maintain its crucial food services and expand as quickly as possible in order to provide a lifeline for more people. As little as 50p helps Edible London create a free, nutritious meal for someone in our communities.

Soner Karagozlu, Edible London’s founder and CEO, said: “With the crew in Edible London and the solidarity of our community, we have been able to reach a million meals worth of ingredients distributed in eight months.

“There aren’t many words that can explain what this service means for the receiving end. But it’s people that made this happen. This is an opportunity to do it again.

“We are raising £200,000 to not only support the work we’re doing but to get to the next milestone. The secret ingredient in our meals is utmost solidarity. Together, we can eradicate food poverty from the root up, beginning in London.

“Get behind us, let’s do this. Let’s make magic happen! Big love.”

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